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Dr. Lynnsey Jepsen Shares 10 Secrets to Success at STMA Rotary Club Meeting

posted Sep 5, 2012, 5:51 PM by St. Michael-Albertville Rotary Club   [ updated Sep 5, 2012, 5:52 PM ]

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to find success and happiness at every turn?  What’s their secret?

Dr. Lynnsey Jepsen, D.C.

Turns out there are 10 secrets to success, and Dr. Lynnsey Jepsen, D.C., shared all of them during a recent presentation to the St. Michael-Albertville Rotary Club.

Dr. Jepsen knows what it takes to achieve success.  Originally from North Dakota, Dr. Jepsen owns and operates the highly successful HealthSource® Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab® in Rogers.  She and her husband Dr. Kyle Jepsen are expecting their second child in September.  Over the years as she has juggled the responsibilities as a business owner, doctor, wife and mother, Dr. Jepsen has kept herself motivated with these 10 simple principles that she learned from her mentors Dr. David Neubauer and Bob Campana.  Like her mentors, she willingly shares these secrets to success with anyone who is interested in improving their life.

Dr. Jepsen is quick to point out that the secrets to success are not secrets at all, they are just plain old-fashioned common sense principles that most of us have heard before, but that some people apply better than others.

“We are bombed all the time with adversity and sometimes we mistake common sense with genius, but really it is just common sense,” Jepsen noted.

Here are the 10 Secrets to Success Dr. Jepsen shared with STMA Rotary and would like to share with you.

Tip #1: How You Think is Everything.
“Our number one Secret to Success is to realize that how you think is everything,” Jepsen advises. “What I think about is what I bring about.  Focus on where you want to be, what you want to be and what you want to do.  If you keep thinking what you’re thinking, you’ll keep doing what you’re doing.  You’ll keep getting what you’re getting, but as soon as you change the way you look at circumstances, as soon as you change the way you think, your circumstances change. The bottom line is you, we, choose the way we look at circumstances and get to choose our thoughts. The more emotion you put to a thought, regardless of whether that thought is positive or negative, the more energy you create.  The more energy you create, the greater it expands.  The more the energy toward a thought expands, the more likely that thought will become reality, positive or negative, so choose your thoughts wisely.”

When hit with a problem or crisis beyond our control, Jepsen reminds us to keep our thoughts positive and to remember the “90:10 Rule.”

“Ten percent of life is made up by what happens to you and 90% is made up by how you react to what happens to you,” Jepsen noted.  “You have no control over the 10%, but you do have control over how you react. Life is going to happen. Things will hit you. You have no control over the weather or over stoplights or traffic so embrace it, accept it and move forward.”

Tip #2: Decide on Your Dreams, Goals and Wishes.
“The second secret to success is to decide on your dreams, goals and wishes, make a decision and write them down,” Jepsen advises.  “If you write them down, you dramatically increase the likelihood of those dreams, wishes, and goals coming true.  Those who fail to put thoughts in their mind of things they’d love to become, attract, create and achieve better be willing to accept whatever the world brings them.”

Jepsen suggests reading “Be Great” by Peter H. Thomas, a book that dramatically changed her life at a time when she was feeling out of balance, by helping her prioritize her daily activities with her values and giving her the courage to say no to activities that were taking time away from what she truly values.

“Write down your values for several categories: spiritual, mental, physical, financial, family, social, career, fun and things, then to write down your daily activities and draw lines to connect them to their values,” she suggests, adding that that lines should point to what you value most, and if they do not, you need to reprioritize your daily activities.

Tip #3: Take Action
Jepsen encourages people to take action and go after their goals, and not to get “stuck” through fear, stubbornness or laziness.

“A friend of mine once told me that if you really want something, quit talking about it and go after it. His actual words were ‘talking doesn’t boil the rice!’” she said.  “If you’re hungry for something, but you don’t do anything about it, big deal. You need to take action. Believe in yourself that you can do it.”

Tip #4: Never Stop Learning
“ALWAYS keep learning,” Jepsen encourages. “Most people believe their education starts and ends at school. They believe that they just learn in schools and stop learning once they are out of schools. The knowledge we learn in school is not enough. In fact, research has shown that people are more influenced by what they learn outside of school than inside schools. So read every day and listen to those who came before you.  Learn about new inventions or reinventions, changes, trends and updates.

“And as you read every day and apply what you learn, realize that it’s okay to make a mistake. Knowledge isn’t power; it’s the application of knowledge that’s power. Most people are afraid to do things because they could make a mistake. When do you learn more?  When you get something right, or when you get something wrong? Yep! When you get it wrong! Mistakes are opportunities to begin once again, but this time more intelligently.”
Jepsen also encourages people to learn from those who came before them, even if they may seem rude, they may be able to teach you an important lesson.

Tip #5: Be Persistent
“Be persistent and work hard,” Jepsen advises. “If I hear the word ‘no,’ the word no to me is the beginning of a negotiation. Ask yourself, what motivates you and attach your goals to your key values.

“At times when you’ve been turned down, put down, even knocked down, get up and keep moving forward because succeeding at the task, whatever it is, will bring that which is most important in your life more into your life. Your key value will inspire you. So what are your key values?”

Tip #6: Analyze Details
“Pay attention to the details,” Jepsen advises.  “It’s the little things that make a big difference. The magic behind outstanding performance is in the details.”

Jepsen used weight loss as an example of analyzing the details to achieve success.  If you are trying to lose weight, but it is not coming off, keep track of what you are eating, she suggested. You may be surprised at what you are actually eating.
Tip #7:
Focus Your time, Energy and Money on Things that Bring You Joy.

“Most people are so busy thinking that they have to make someone else happy that they forget to make themselves happy, and so many people are so busy doing what they think they have to do that they forget to think about what they’d love to do,” Jepsen notes. “Ask yourself, what would I really love to do? It’s a great question and there’s no limit to the answer.  In fact I believe the more answers you give it, the more energy grows as long as you believe it’s possible.”

Tip #8: Be Creative and Innovate
Jepsen advises everyone to be prepared for circumstances that are going to happen in work, home and life by having and “IQIC List” (IQIC stands for important questions important comments).

“Especially at work, you know there are certain questions that people are going to ask you. Some of those questions are easy to answer, some are more difficult. If you prepare for the difficult questions by imagining that someone is going to ask you that question sooner or later, and you prepare an outstanding response, you’ll handle that difficult moment with a mastery level of communication. Use your imagination and ask yourself, ‘How can I deal with that moment and answer that question in a masterful way?’ and keep using your imagination until you’ve done so. The next time when someone asks you a certain question, or makes a certain comment, you’ll be prepared because you’ve used your imagination.”

Tip #9: Deal & Communicate with People Effectively
Jepsen advises everyone to become master communicators by not focusing on what is in it for me, but what is in it for the other person.She recommends that leaders get to know their employees key strengths and to put employees in areas where they will thrive.  She suggests Tom Rath’s “StrengthsFinder 2.0” as a great way to learn what those strengths are.

Tip #10: Be Honest & Dependable: Take Responsibility for Your Actions
“Be honest, be dependable, be responsible and accountable, otherwise number 1 through 9 don’t matter,” Jepsen advises.  “Be a good person and do what’s right.”

“These are the 10 secrets to success,” Jepsen concludes. “By following even just a few pieces of this advice, you too can have a beautiful life and live what some people might call the impossible dream.”

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